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1. How long it will take for me to receive the e-book?

You will receive it immediately after payment. You should click on paypal "Return to Merchant" button after payment and you will get to the download area where you will find the ebook and the bonuses. Also you will receive an email shortly with the download instructions in case something unexpected happens when returning to the download area.

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2. I didn't click on the paypal's "Return to Merchant" Button now what can i do?

If you haven't clicked on the "Return to Merchant" button after the payment with paypal and you also didn't receive the e-mail with the download instructions you should send us a message by going to our CONTACT US page, please send the message adding the email you used when making the purchase and also the paypal receipt ID Number for your purchase, and we will manually send the downlaod instructions again.

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3. What do i need to read the book on my computer?

You will need to have adobe pdf reader (the latest if you can) you can download it from download adobe reader and that should be enough.

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4. Am i going to receive anything at home?

No, You will have to download the ebook and bonuses from this website. You will not receive anything at home. Right now there are no physical book delivery option available.

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